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2017 | Bridging Worlds: Preaching the Ancient Story Today

On March 14, 2017, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary hosted a Talking Points conference on how to preach the ancient story of the Bible in today's contemporary context. Scholars and area pastors explored how to communicate the ancient world of the Bible.

2016 | Everyday Works: Rethinking Work and Why It Matters for the Kingdom

From February to May 2016, pastors and ministry leaders explored how to help people see their everyday work (paid and unpaid) as a part of Christ's Kingdom mission. Leaders were equipped to help people in the church have a greater and clearer sense of purpose in their work. These events were professionally recorded for use in a video-based small group curriculum, which will be made available to interested churches and small groups (anticipated release in 2017). Audio recordings are available below.

2015 | Thy Kingdom Come and New Creation Theology

During Thy Kingdom Come in 2015, pastors and ministry leaders explored new creation theology in Scripture and in the history of the Church, considering the forthcoming transformation of creation to come with the arrival of the new heaven and new earth.

2014 | Recognizing and Recovering from Addictions

Recognizing that the human phenomenon of addictions is complex since it is difficult to separate the mind, body and spirit within the human condition, these resources address the reality of addictions and the hope associated with the recovery process.

2013 | Creation in Scripture

Observing that every communicator has expectations about how he or she wishes to be heard, these resources consider how to approach reading the creation texts of Scripture.

2012 | Christian Civic Engagement: Right, Responsibility, Opportunity

Generating reflection on how we might restore civility in America as a model for restoring and fostering civil discourse around the world, listen to leading scholars discuss how Christian civic engagement has taken shape in America and imagine how you might take up these rights and responsibilities as new opportunities emerge.

2011 | Text and Culture

As the Bible is an ancient text written to an ancient culture and a relevant word from God himself for today, consider the challenges of understanding the meaning of the biblical text in its original context and speaking the relevance of the Bible to our contemporary culture.