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Talking Points is an ongoing conversation about theology, culture, and vocation. We host conferences, seminars and a blog to engage topics relevant for pastors, counselors and ministry leaders. We are committed to providing these opportunities for growth and development to equip leaders to serve in their unique contexts, all in service to the mission of our Lord and His Kingdom.

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2018-19 Talking Points Conference Series

At Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, we believe the church is called to be a unique community and a unique voice in our world. The work of Christ and His Spirit empowers followers of Christ to embrace new identities in Him that supersede old identities.

Pastors and church leaders have a unique opportunity to lead Christians toward faithful engagement in the brokenness of our world. However, justice and unity must first happen inside the Church before we can speak credibly outside the church. Our 2018-19 Talking Points Conference Series is designed to equip pastors, church leaders and individual Christians to engage these pressing issues of justice and unity through a gospel lens:

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As we plan future Talking Points conferences and events, we want to hear from you! What issues are you facing that you'd like to learn more about from different perspectives? They can be anything from challenging cultural issues to practical ministry needs. Fill out the form to suggest a conversation topic or speaker.

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