How will seminary help me pursue my calling?

November 11, 2015 | 8:30am–12:30pm

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Imagine leading others to a place you’ve never been. At first, you’re confident you know the way, but in time you hit obstacles and detours you don’t expect. You’re in charge but unsure how to correct course.

For many in ministry, that’s exactly how leading feels. We have a deep burden to serve others in the weighty matters of life—their walk with Christ, their eternal destiny, their relational health and wholeness. And other people come to us for spiritual guidance and insight—sometimes even beyond what we feel qualified to give!

Questions begin to surface:

  • Where can I go to develop and refine my skills?
  • What books should I read next? There are thousands!
  • What larger ministry should I pattern mine after, or should I cut a new path?
  • How do I help this person move toward emotional health?
  • Quite often, the desire to serve is clear but the way forward is more uncertain.
  • How do I know what I’m teaching is truly what Scripture says?
  • What do I say when people confess deep emotional trouble or pain?
  • What if my usual answers aren’t enough?

These questions lead many people to the doors of a seminary. It’s is a place for graduate theological education, practical training, and intentional investment in your spiritual growth and formation into Christlikeness. As one of our professors put it, “We can only take God’s children as far as we have gone ourselves.”

In seminary, students grow in their ability to study and teach Scripture (even from the original languages); they gain a fuller grasp of theology and how Scripture applies to the deepest questions of life and faith; and they enjoy community with fellow travelers who share their desire to serve the Body of Christ. “Seminary” can sound like a stuffy place for academic, largely irrelevant, conversations. In reality, though, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary is a vibrant place for wrestling with biblical truth, pursuing Christ with undivided hearts, and gaining practical skills for real world ministry.

Exploring Seminary: Schedule

5:30p.m. | Registration and Welcome (dinner will be served)

6:30p.m. | Main Session: how will seminary help pursue my calling?

7:30p.m. | Break / Seminary Tour

7:45p.m. | Program Information Sessions

8:15p.m. | Class Visit

Not sure what God is calling you to do with your life?

Many students begin seminary with a general sense of God’s leading to ministry, but they aren’t sure exactly where He is taking them. That’s okay! The seminary experience itself often helps students refine, clarify, and confirm their callings in life in the context of rich biblical truth and authentic relationships.

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