Student Senate Leadership Team

The Student Senate Leadership Team (SSLT) is a representative group of GRTS students selected annually by the Associate Dean to serve the needs of the student body. The central aims of the SSLT are to:

  • Assist students with academic and non-academic concerns during their time at GRTS
  • Promote student involvement and perspective in the GRTS community
  • Foster a sense of community appropriate to a graduate theological education context
  • Coordinate fellowship and spiritual growth opportunities among and students and faculty

2015-2016 Student Senate Leadership Team

Jeanetta Hudnell
M.A. in Ministry Leadership Program

Steven Lister
Master of Divinity Program

Diane Schroeder
M.A. in Counseling Program

Bethany Sluiter
M.A. in Counseling Program

Andrew Panaggio
Master of Divinity Program

SJ Wheelock
Master of Divinity Program