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2014 Thursday Evening Bible Class

2013 Thursday Evening Bible Class

How does the Christian use the Psalms in personal life and worship? This course will orient you to the various types of psalms and their basic message, help you learn how to interpret and apply them, and involve you with the psalmist in a thirst after God.

  • Theme: "Psalms Sampler"
  • Instructor: Dr. John Hilber
  • Teaching Schedule and Audio Recordings:
    • Week 1: Introduction to the Psalter
    • Week 2: Interpreting Poetry
    • Week 3: Psalms of Lament
    • Week 4: Psalms of Lament/Imprecations
    • Week 5: Psalms of Thanksgiving
    • Week 6: Psalms of Praise
    • Week 7: Royal Psalms
    • Week 8: Messiah in the Psalms

Please Note: Audio recordings are available by request. Please contact the Seminary Office at 616-222-1422.

2012 Thursday Evening Bible Class