Syllabi and Books


Looking for the Booklist?

The full list of required textbooks and pricing is now available.  Please click here to view the list.  Most books are available for purchase in the Hoch Bookroom on the second floor of the Wood Seminary Building.

Session I (May 12-23)

COU 501    Counseling Theories
BBL 506   The Ancient World of the Bible
BBL 503 New Testament Biblical Theology                         

Session II (May 27-June 6)

THE 540 Systematic Theology I
COU 521 Marriage and Family Counseling

Session III (June 9-20)

THE 640 Systematic Theology II
BBL 789 Advanced Topics: 1 Peter

(May 12-June 20)

MIN 711 Program Completion Seminar

Online Classes

BBL 501-25 Biblical Hermeneutics
BBL 502-25 Old Testament Biblical Theology
BBL 502-35 Old Testament Biblical Theology (Online Cohort Only)
BBL 503-25 New Testament Biblical Theology (Online Cohort Only)
BBL 505-25 OT Historical Backgrounds
BBL 523-25 Psalms
BBL 627-25 Ephesians
THE 540-35 Systematic Theology I (Online Cohort Only)
THE 572-25 Christian Worldview
COU 525-25 Multicultural Counseling
COU 651-25 Clinical Diagnostic: Assessment of Addictions
COU 653-25 Addictions Counseling
COU 660-25 Abnormal Psychology
MIN 500-25 Christian Spiritual Formation
MIN 510-25 Organizational Leadership
MIN 534-25 Evangelism and Discipleship 
MIN 543-25 Christian Formation in the Church
MIN 560-25 Global Impact

Field Education

COU 784 Internship I                                                  
COU 785 Internship II
MIN 685 Ministry Residency I
MIN 686 Ministry Residency II
MIN 781 Ministry Residency III
MIN 782 Ministry Residency IV

Urban Cohort

BBL 610-45 Advanced Topics: Organizational Assessment, Planning and Change
THE 540-45 Systematic Theology I

*This list is updated regularly as new syllabi become available.