Parent Letter

Sending your son or daughter off to college can be an exciting and overwhelming time. It is a season full of emotion and growth. There can be increased anxiety with the unknown of this experience.

Cornerstone University Student Health Services is providing you with information that will be helpful before you send your student to college. This is a letter to you, the parent, about the care and services that your student will receive at CU. We hope to equip you with resources and knowledge that you will find useful.

My son/daughter has a special need or learning disability. How can I get them assistance before school begins?

Students are required to complete a medical history as part of their enrollment responsibilities. They can use this form to self disclose a disability, learning need or medical/physical acute care issue. Students can request accommodations for a learning, mental health or physical disability through The Learning Center. Contact The Learning Center for further assistance at (616) 222.1596 or email You may also go to The Learning Center web page to download the required forms.

Does Cornerstone University have a requirement for students to have health insurance?

Yes. We believe that it is essential for students to be protected against high medical costs caused by illnesses, injuries and chronic health issues.  Each student must prove that they have adequate coverage by faxing, stopping by Health Services or emailing a copy (scanned or legible digital picture) of the front and back of their insurance card to prior to the Fall Semester. 

What other entrance requirements are there for students, and will I be notified about these requirements?

Every new student will be notified of the entrance medical requirements in a letter sent to the address on file at the Admission office. Parents are not notified of these requirements or what information is still outstanding. Please encourage your student to check with their admissions counselor as to their compliance with these requirements. There is a deadline and a non-refundable late fee if these requirements are not completed on time.

My student is not doing well academically and emotionally and wants to come home. What do I do?

Begin by directing your concern and questions to the Vice President of Student Development, the Director of Community Life or the Director of Student Retention. They can work with your student, coordinating care with resources and exploring options to help your student achieve his or her goals.

Gerald Longjohn
Vice President of Student Development
(616) 222.1423

Deb Crater
Director of Community Life
(616) 222.1423

Kay Landrum
Director of Student Retention
(616) 222.1402