Health Services -- FAQs

Where is Student Health Services located?

We are located in Verna Miller Hall, next door to The Learning Center.

What are the hours of Student Health Services?

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., closed Wednesday. Open during the academic year, not during breaks.

Is there a charge to see a nurse?

Yes. A nurse visit will be billed to your insurance carrier. No co-pay will be assessed.

Do I need an appointment?

No.  An appointment is not necessary to see a CUHS provider.  Although making an appointment is helpful, it will guarantee you a time to see a nurse.

I have a doctor’s appointment off campus, but I do not have a car. What do I do?

The student will need to arrange for transportation from someone who is NOT employed by Cornerstone University.

How do I pay for services provided by Student Health Services?

All fees incurred at SHS are billed to the student’s insurance provider. After CUHS has received the EOB, the balance of the charge not paid by the insurance policy will be billed to the primary insurance cardholder. After 60 days of non-payment this balance will be transferred to the students account for payment.

What do I do with a bill received in my student account?

The bill received in your student account is for the remaining balance of what your insurance covered. Payment arrangement can be made with the business office.

Who can use Student Health Services?

The services of the Cornerstone University HS are available to all students and their spouses regardless of your health insurance coverage.

Can I still use Student Health Services after I have graduated?

No. Due to college liability and continuity of care, CUHS can only provide care for active and current students.

How long do you keep my medical records?

Student Health Services maintains all student medical records for seven years from the time of graduation.

I am going on a trip, and I think I need certain immunizations. What should I do?

CUHS provides consultations and immunizations in partnership with Calvin College Health Services for Cornerstone University sponsored trips. Call (616) 222.1441 to get more information.

Can Student Health Services write an excuse to my professor if I was sick and did not go to class?

No. Because of our commitment to educating students about appropriate health care, and due to our lack of direct knowledge about illness or injuries effectively managed by self care, CUHS does not provide medical excuses for students who have missed classes, exams or due dates for papers or projects. Please use your allotted absences provided by your professors for illness and medical appointments. If a provider from CUHS “bans” you from attending class due to a contagious illness, we will notify your professors, however, it will be to their discretion as to whether they will excuse you. It will also be up to you to make arrangements with your professors to make up any assignments or exams you may have missed.

Does Student Health Services give chapel excuses?

No. Each student is allowed a number of chapel skips. Students are to use their allotted skips for illness or appointments.

Who do I contact about a question regarding a medical bill from Student Health Services?

If the question is specific to the appointment and charges incurred, you may contact CUHS at (616) 222.1441 or e-mail

Who do I contact about a health insurance question?

Call the 1-800 number on the back of your health insurance card if you have your own or your parent's insurance.

Cornerstone University is an academic institution and does not manage or administer the health insurance program.