Housing Deposit

To submit your $150.00 housing deposit, please fill out the form below.

Early reservation is important as space may be limited. The housing deposit is retained by the university as a room deposit, key deposit, mailbox deposit and breakage deposit until you cease to live in campus housing. After you have properly checked out of campus housing for the last time, the remainder of the housing deposit (minus any cost of replacement keys, damage or fines) will be credited to your account.

The housing deposit becomes non-refundable after these dates:
Fall Semester Students: July 1
Spring Semester Students: January 1

Housing questions should be directed to Student Development at 616.222.1423.

To apply for housing or academic accommodations, complete an additional application for the Learning Center.

A processing fee of $4.79 will be added to all online payments. Therefore, your total charge at the end of this online form will be in the amount of $154.79.

Visa, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard are accepted.

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