Division of Humanities

Narrative Arcs and Languages Matter.

As a student in the Humanities Division, you will further develop essential qualities to influence world cultures for Christ—qualities such as critical thinking, creativity, communication skills, cross-cultural competency, and a deep understanding of both the glory and depravity in modern culture. Beyond mastering a breadth of content, you'll graduate equipped to act as a redemptive influence.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Courses within your major will prepare you to wrestle with questions in your field of study, equipping you to begin contributing a working response to an area of inquiry through the formation of a senior thesis. Recent topics include:

  • Examining the Importance and Unifying Nature of Stories Across Cultures
  • Comparing C.S. Lewis and George Orwell: Visions of the Metamorphoses of Language and the Shift to Postmodernism

Degree Programs Available

For information on distinctive components of our degree programs and internship opportunities, select a major or minor below.


Creative Writing | Bachelor of Arts
History | Bachelor of Arts
Linguistics | Bachelor of Arts
Literature | Bachelor of Arts
Philosophy | Bachelor of Arts
Professional Writing (New!)
Spanish | Bachelor of Arts

Education Majors

English Education | Elementary & Secondary, B.A.
History Education | Secondary, B.A.
Language Arts Group | Elementary, B.A.
Spanish Education | Elementary & Secondary, B.A.


Creative Writing
Professional Writing (New!)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Education Minors

English | Elementary & Secondary
Language Arts Group | Elementary
Spanish | Elementary & Secondary
TESOL | Elementary & Secondary, K-12 

Relational Learning with Mentoring, Modeling Scholars

Student life at Cornerstone is participatory in nature; we view the learning curve as benefiting from having a lived component. Meet the folks you will come to count on as discussion facilitators, mentors, lifelong students in the field, and fellow disciples.