Intercultural Studies

Intercultural Studies

Intercultural majors are empowered to minister across cultural and ethnic boundaries.

Through the study of Scripture and development of ministry skills, students in this program are prepared to live out the great commission as disciples of Christ.

“Giving and receiving help in times of difficulty and struggle is the hallmark of a Christian university, and it is the reason I teach at Cornerstone University."
Phil Bustrum, Ph.D., Professor of Christian education

What can I do with this major?

Graduates serve in a wide variety of places and environments from ministry in the inner-city to overseas ministry around the world. You have the opportunity to engage in many services, develop programs and plant churches, work with youth, orphans and the poor, and act as community leaders.

What are some interesting classes I may take?

  • REL 243 Intercultural Mandate
  • IDS 200 Religious Communication & Culture
  • CMI 311 Evangelism & Discipleship

Where can I do my internship?

Students can do their internship in any cross-cultural situation. Students have completed internships overseas in places like Uganda, Romania, Haiti, China, and Ecuador, as well as in U.S. cities like Grand Rapids, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City.

How long does my internship have to be?

The length of the internship varies from two weeks to a full year depending on the student, the opportunity, and the situation. Some students choose to do it during summer break or J-term. Others incorporate it into their regular school schedule and do it during the semester.

What financial aid is available for intercultural studies students?

Besides the financial aid that is offered through the financial aid office, intercultural studies students can apply for specialized scholarship which are reserved for those students desiring to enter some phrase of cross-cultural or missionary work. See the financial aid office for more details.

Why do Intercultural majors have a Bible major in their program?

The Bible is the foundation of all we do in discipling the nations. Understanding the Biblical story and knowing how to communicate is vital for cross-cultural ministry whether it is here in America or overseas. With a Bible major, Intercultural students graduate from Cornerstone University with a knowledge of the Word of God enabling them to minister in any cross-cultural situation.

What are grads doing now?

Megan Blough - Missionary, South Africa
Jim Kast-Keat - fifty6 Pastor, Mars Hill Bible Church

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