International Travel Consult

The mission of an International Travel Consult is to educate students on what immunizations are required and the health and travel conditions of their destination.

All students traveling with a Cornerstone University program must ensure that they have health insurance that will cover them overseas.

  • Students who carry the Student Health Insurance plan have worldwide coverage.
  • If a student is insured by their parent's plan or other plan, they will need to call the customer service line to inquire if their plan includes worldwide coverage.

Additional information on this topic can be found under Student Health Insurance.

If you are a student traveling with a Cornerstone University sponsored trip, Student Health Services requires a group meeting and an individual travel consultation. Faculty or staff members are also able to schedule a travel consult when traveling with a Cornerstone University sponsored trip.

The ITC is performed by nurses trained in travel health and utilizes the CDC guidelines to inform and update students, faculty and staff about health and travel conditions including immunizations during a consultation.

Appointments can be made by calling (616) 222.1441.

At the International Travel consult appointment, we offer the following services:

Personal and individualized travel consultation with trained medical professionals. The consultation includes an individualized review of medications needed for the travel experience, as well as immunization, food and water safety, climate, insects or animals to avoid, prevalent diseases and personal safety.