Intramural Sports

Whether you are a former athlete looking to scratch that competitive itch, or a former fan waiting for your chance to compete, Intramural Sports at Cornerstone are a great way for you to get in the game.

Let your competitive side out as you engage in sporting events with other CU students in our Intramural Sports programs!

Intramural sports take place each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night all throughout the academic year, and range from Flag Football to Ultimate Frisbee. There is something for everyone, no matter what skill level. The sports, in order of season, are listed below:

  • Flag Football (September - Mid-October)
  • Ultimate Frisbee (end of October)
  • Indoor Volleyball (November - December)
  • Indoor Soccer (January - February)
  • Basketball (March - April)
  • Slow-Pitch Softball (April)

For more information, email

Student Intramural Sports Directors:

Bryce Sack, Josiah Badger, and Sara Lillie