Israel is a modern country with a vibrant, diverse community. The country excels in every variety of business and industry. Most Israelis speak fluent English and organizations offer services that are sophisticated, accessible and completely comfortable for global travelers.

Innovative export industries are the engine of the Israeli economy, and even very small Israeli firms operate on a global scale. Many large exhibitions are held in Israel featuring locally and internationally developed technologies in communications, computing, defense, medicine, farming, and more.

In Israel, you will have the chance to interact with some of the world’s most innovative leaders while touring many memorable biblical locations.


$4,000 covers transportation, lodging, and cultural excursions with the group. The cost of this trip is not included in BUS-511 course tuition.
Note: Trip costs and itinerary are subject to change at the discretion of PGS.

Scheduled Dates

February 27- March 9, 2015 - Register by August 27, 2014

Students planning to participate in the Israel trip should apply for passports at least six months prior to their departure date.

Sample Itinerary

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