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GRTS Israel Study Tour

[Picture details: GRTS students on the first Israel Study Tour led by Dr. Turner and Dr. Greer, January 2014.]

Grand Rapids Theological Seminary is pleased to announce the launch of the Israel Study Tour. In addition to the traditional classes offered at GRTS the Israel Study Tour provides a way for students to experience the land of Israel first-hand. This exciting addition to the GRTS curriculum will provide a rich learning experience for students as they pursue their seminary education. 

What are some of the details of the Study Tour?

The Israel Study Tour is an annual trip held each January during the J-term. The trip lasts for 10-12 days and is led by GRTS Bible professors in cooperation with overseas partners. Each year a group of around 15-17 students are expected to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Study Tour will combine extensive travel within Israel, on-site study, and a detailed study of the history, culture, and geography of Israel with an emphasis on illuminating the world of the Bible. Pre-trip orientation (including readings and lectures) will begin during the fall semester prior to the January departure date. 

Will there be academic credit for the study tour? 

Yes, the Israel Study Tour (or on-campus alternative course) is required for all Master of Divinity students who began their program since the Fall 2013 semester. The Study Tour is open to students in other degree programs though different costs apply (see below). The tour is listed as BBL601: Experiencing the Ancient World of the Bible and is a 2-credit course. Ideally, the Study Tour will be for students who are in their final year of study at GRTS. 

How much will the study tour cost?

In partnership with generous donors, GRTS has worked to minimize the costs involved in the Study Tour especially for Master of Divinity students. In addition to the two-credit cost there is a course fee of $1,000 with the remaining trip costs covered for students in the MDiv program. Students in programs other than the MDiv pay a course fee of $3,500 plus the cost of two audit credits. 

How To Apply For The Study Tour

To apply for the Study Tour submit application materials by email to Dr. Greer ( For more details see the Study Tour information sheet

Apply for the January 2015 trip! The priority application date is May 23, 2014. If additional places are available after the priority application date applications will be accepted until September 19, 2014. 

If you missed the recent informational meeting and presentation for the January 2015 trip you can view it below. 

For Master of Divinity students:

For students in other programs:

More information

For an information fact sheet with more details please click here or contact Dr. Jonathan Greer (Assistant Professor of Old Testament) at