January Term Trips

J-Term Trips

J-Term: See the world and pick up those extra class credits.

The month of January is an optional term for CU students which provides the ideal study abroad scenario. Students at Cornerstone are encouraged to experience the world outside of their every-day routine. Studying abroad is a great way to do this, while also accomplishing academic goals and expanding your worldview. Check out any of the trips below and start dreaming about the adventures ahead!

Australia & New Zealand

Course: MDA 480 - ANZUS Trip

Leader: Professor Pete Muir

Cost: $4,900

Experience the wonder of the lands down-under through the lens of the Lord of the Rings! This two-week trip includes service learning experiences while living and working on a New Zealand campsite only twenty minutes from Hobbiton. The campsite serves as the base for day trips and immersion into Kiwi culture. After more LOTR experiences in Wellington, travel to Sydney, Australia for five days to experience what it means to be Australian.


Course: REL 204 - New Testament Literature & History

Leader: Dr. Doug Morhmann

Cost: $3,500


Course: ENG 224 - Literature of the Northern Irish Troubles

Leader: Dr. Jason Stevens

Cost: $2,995

Student Testimonies: “One of the best experiences of my college career!” “Great trip! Billy and Mindi’s passion is contagious and the entire experience is perfect!” “Amazing, inspirational, unforgettable.”

The Netherlands

Courses: BUS/ECN 215 - International Business Experience

Leader: Prof. Shawn Newhouse

Cost: $3,030

This course provides opportunity for participants to acquire a hands-on overview of global business challenges and opportunities. Participants will tour selected European firms and organizations and visit with industry executives with the purpose of exploring country-specific business practices and cultures.


Courses: SWK 211: Faith Poverty and Cultural Understanding

Leaders: Mike Peters and Scott Sanders

Cost: $2,100

Share lives and stories with indigenous host families.

South Africa

Courses: MDA 457 - Documentary Production OR HUM 382 - Humanities Seminar: Readings in Apartheid and Social Justice

Leader: Dr. Matt Bonzo

Cost: $3,300

Student Testimony: “My South African experience…is one of those periods of time that isn't just a memory, but a period of time that is now carried in my character. One aspect that grew all the more through this trip was this understanding of our global connection with one another, and seeing how the mentalities that individuals have, affect others, even globally. To have 13 white Americans go into this village in Mavhusa, that had previously experienced dehumanization and apartheid, was to be part of restoration far greater than others, and with no real credit to us. It was beautiful to be given that opportunity…And being in a cage that was charged by a great white shark. That might stick around in my memories as well.” - Kestrel ‘13