Language Arts for Elementary Education

Language Arts

The Language Arts Group major is designed to prepare Language Arts teachers for the elementary level. This program prepares teachers for the BX endorsement upon passing the Michigan State MTTC teacher’s exam. This program is for students who enjoy reading and writing and who desire to teach children at the elementary school level.

What can I do with a major in Language Arts for Elementary Education?

Graduates with the Language Arts Endorsement can teach K-8 Language Arts with other possibilities such as English, Speech, Journalism, Literature, Reading, Writing or Yearbook.

Where are placements available for student teachers in the Language Arts program?

Students in this major spend a semester student teaching under the direction of an experienced teacher at public and private schools throughout West Michigan. Students also have the option of completing part of their internship experience at a school overseas. 

What are graduates of the Language Arts for Elementary Education program doing now?

Many of our graduates have successfully obtained teaching positions in public and private throughout Michigan and in other states. And, many of our graduates have also taken positions in Christian and private school in countries throughout the world.

With a major in Language Arts for Elementary Education, what classes will I take?

Group Communication | COM-321

Study general and specific group communication theories and their relationship to communication in a variety of group settings, looking at topics such as group formation, cohesiveness, groupthink, norms, leadership, decision-making and conflict.

Mass Media Literacy | MDA-319

Focus on the integration of a critical media skills program into an elementary school curriculum, learning various methods for analyzing, evaluating, and controlling the impact of the mass media.