Learning Disabilities Major (for K-12 certification)

Learning Disabilities

The learning disabilities major is designed to prepare individuals to teach students with learning disabilities at the elementary, intermediate or secondary levels. Graduates obtain general elementary or secondary teaching cerification along with a K-12 Learning Disabilities endorsement. Courses and field experience focus on the inclusion classroom environment as well as the "self-contained" special education setting. This program will produce educators who are knowledgeable and capable of instructing students with varying experiences, backgrounds and abilities.

What can I do with a major in Learning Disabilities?

Some of the occupations associated with Special Education are:

  • Self-Contained Special Education Teacher
  • Inclusion Teacher
  • Special Education Resource Teacher
  • Teacher Consultant
  • Special Education Professor
  • Homebound Teacher
  • Lecturer
  • Curriculum Coordinator
  • Education Director
  • Tutor

What internships or partnerships are available with this program?

The directed teaching experience will include opportunities in both general education and learning disabilities classrooms. During a 20-week field placement, student teachers will be responsible for the assessment, lesson planning and instruction of general education and special needs populations. Additional seminar classes provide time for learning, discussion and reflection during the student teaching internship.

What are Grads doing now?

There are numerous professional opportunities which our Learning Disabilities graduates have taken advantage of.  We have many former students teaching in resource, inclusion or "pull out" programs across the state of Michigan as well as around the country.  Other graduates have taken their knowledge and skills overseas.  These graduates instruct teachers in foreign countries on the best practices for meeting the needs of students with learning deficits.  Some of our students have assumed positions of leadership in private organizations which address special populations, while others have been hired to write and/or edit textbooks associated with varying aspects of the field of special education.

With a major in Learning Disabilities, what classes will I take?

  • Introduction to Special Education and the Exceptional Learner
  • Emerging Educational Models in Special Education
  • Theories and Methods in Special Education
  • Assessment and Diagnosis for Learning Disabilities
  • Diverse Populations and Differentiated Instruction
  • Current Issues in Learning Disabilities Education
  • Severe Reading Problems

Student Testimonials

Kristin Hopkins '08 | Major: Learning Disabilities for Elementary Education

"I really like the Learning Disabilities program at Cornerstone. I appreciate the fact that many of the professors are still working in the field and have a lot of experience. I’ve also found, through experience with volunteering, that the curriculum covered is current and extremely applicable. The program is great, and I have confidence that I will be able to succeed in the future as a result of it."

How can I complete my degree program in four years?

Download a sample degree plan for a major in Learning Disabilities.