A degree in Literature seeks to introduce students to the important literature of world culture with an aim of developing them into effective and ethically responsible communicators, writers and leaders who can understand moral choices and can design, express, interpret and evaluate written literature in light of a Christian worldview.

What can I do with this major?

The Humanities major provides a wide range of flexibility. It develops critical reading and thinking, logical and analytical thinking, argumentation, creativity, advanced writing skills, communication skills, research skills, ability to understand ideas and values, sensitivity to cultural differences, aesthetic understanding, questioning skills, time and resource management skills, linguistic skills, etc.

What are some interesting classes I may take?

  • Humanities Seminar: A seminar that is centered on themes that cross disciplinary boundaries in the Humanities. During the summer, this course is offered in Oxford, England, and students learn about the work of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.
  • Creative Endeavors: Maximize the creative impulse. Engage soul-level tools that keep creativity fresh: journaling, filling the “well,” and other exercises in Julia
    Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Creative Endeavors frees, equips, and develops creativity regardless from which field the creativity arises.

What internships or partnerships are available with this program?

What are grads doing now?

  • Amy Nemecak – Freelance editing for Baker Publishing Group
  • Matt Harrison – Teaches philosophy and literature
  • Jack Baker – a Ph.D. student in literature and philosophy at Purdue University