Cornerstone Students Experience the Glory of God's Creation in Hawaii


Photo courtesy of Joseph Corsten

by Jaleesa Stanford

Led by Dr. Nigel Crompton, professor of biology, this year's Hawaii J-term trip gave students opportunities to experience first-hand the fabulous geology, biology and Polynesian culture that only be found on the Hawaiian Islands.

"Students came away with a greater sense of our God as Creator and the wonders of His creation," recalled Crompton.

From Jan. 3 to 17, 13 CU students and one alum toured the islands. With the objective to explore origin and the vastness of God's glorious creation, they surveyed molten lava, volcanic craters, lava tubes, 3,000-foot-high erosion cliffs, waterfalls, coral reefs and Acacia forests.

As they traversed the unique terrain of Hawaii, students were able to take part in experiences of a lifetime: they went whale watching and snorkeling. They swam in plunge pools and flew a helicopter over Kauai. They enjoyed breath-taking views and observed countless unique animals, birds, fish and plants. They even spent an evening camping on Gilligan's Island.

"I love nature, science and God," said Melanie Van Sloten, a trip participant. "It put many of the classes and lectures I have listened to in perspective. There were many points when I was speechless and all I could do was stand in awe of my Creator."

In addition to taking in the scenery, trip participants visited restored Hawaiian cultural sites and museums. They also had the unique opportunity to meet with Christians who are working hard to eliminate human trafficking on the islands.

"Seeing the way God works in the lives of others in a community was something special," said trip participant Joseph Corsten. "That is what impacted me the most out of the whole entire trip."

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