Grand Rapids Theological Seminary Professors Contribute to Theological Publication


by Jaleesa Stanford

Dr. Timothy Gombis, professor of New Testament, and Dr. David Turner, retired professor of New Testament, contributed valuable chapters to a short commentary on the Gospel of Mark entitled "Mark in Context: Jesus and Second Temple Judaism."

Aimed at viewing the Gospel of Mark in light of respective Jewish texts, the publication sheds light on the context of Mark and the cultural background of why and how Mark wrote what he wrote. The book includes a forward written by N. T. Wright.

"The book is a study of Mark's gospel set against the backdrop of first-century Judaism," Gombis said. "It is composed of many New Testament scholars each contributing a chapter on an isolated episode of Mark, comparing that episode with a Jewish text and demonstrating how its background helps to explain what is happening there."

Suitable for all audiences interested in digging deeper into the Gospels and specifically the cultural context of Mark, the book is also helpful for anyone interested in examples of an exegetical method that takes Second Temple literature into account.

Published earlier this year, the book is now available for purchase. For further information, check out Dr. Turner's blog.

About the Book