GRTS Student Joins Admissions Staff


by Audrey Wierenga (B.A. ’18)

Nick Ewald (M.A. ’22) is currently a Christian formation student at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary from Caro, Mich. He graduated from Grace Christian University with a B.A. in Worship Arts and came to GRTS in order to further his education as a potential ministry leader. He recently joined the Admissions team as an admissions counselor.

"It's rare to find a place that strikes a balance between good community and good academics, and GRTS does that," Ewald said. He particularly enjoyed his Christian Spiritual Formation class, which took a deep dive into spiritual practices such as fasting and prayer.

When he graduates, Ewald has a broad sense of what he'd like to do with his degree. "I want to bridge the gap between living as Christ did and learning theology," he said. "I would like to help churches have those conversations. I have a conviction for protecting orthodoxy. So many times, churches get hung up on 'peripherals,' like drinking, swearing, etc. instead of the big questions like, 'how do you explain the Trinity?'"

One of his bigger goals is to eventually write a book on the subject. He cites some of his favorite authors as Paul David Tripp and Soren Kierkegaard. "Kierkegaard talks about Christianity as an individual," Ewald said, "not necessarily in an individualistic way but in how we relate to God and the church."

Ewald plans to complete his degree in 2022. His role as an admissions counselor gives him the opportunity to communicate his passion for GRTS to prospective students.