Talking Points Launches Everyday Works Curriculum


by Jaleesa Stanford

On August 8, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary's Talking Points launched an online curriculum designed to integrate faith and the gospel with "secular," everyday work, and in turn, with the world.

Some questions are often left unanswered from the pulpit: Does my everyday job matter to God? Does what I do affect the world around me?

For the last two years, Talking Points Director Darrell Yoder along with a team including Partners Worldwide's Rudy Carrasco, Hope International's Peter Greer, Tabernacle Community Church's Pastor Artie Lindsay, Sagamore Institute's Amy Sherman and GRTS' own Michael Wittmer have set out to make the connections between the gospel, everyday work and approaches to poverty and justice.

"What it comes down to," said Yoder, "is that we were made to work. It's part of being created in the image of a God who works. No matter what job we have, we are all serving someone; that service plays a role in loving our neighbors around us. Our prayer with this curriculum is that people will discover just how interested and pleased God is with their everyday work, that He is with them in it, even—no, especially—on the hardest days. We also hope this curriculum will stir up conversations about how everyday work relates to pressing issues like poverty and justice, both locally and globally."

The Everyday Works curriculum online format is completely free and is comprised of discussion questions, study guides, video clips, panel discussions and reading suggestions.

The curriculum can be used by pastors seeking to minister to their congregations, by churches and small groups looking to live out the gospel in their vocations and by anyone looking to bridge the gap between the gospel mission and everyday life.

The online format of the Everyday Works curriculum is available now, and hard copies are set to be available at low cost in September.

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Everyday Works, a four-part small group study underwritten by the Kern Family Foundation, invites you to take a journey through your "everyday"—the normal things you do to make a living, raise a family, care for loved ones and have an adventure beyond yourself.

You were created for this. It's time to rethink what you do every day and why it matters for the kingdom.

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