The University Chorale Prepares for Spring 2018 Tour


by Allison Todd (B.A. & B.S. ’18)

After a successful international tour in Europe this past summer, preparations are underway for the University Chorale's upcoming spring tour to Chicago.

During March 2-6, 2018, the CU Chorale plans to travel to Chicago and share the ministry of music at several churches and schools in the area.

"We began preparing for the tour the day we come to campus in the fall," Dr. Kent Walters, director of the University Chorale and professor of music, said. "All of our repertoire for the year goes into the music that we take on tour."

While on tour, members of the University Chorale look forward to staying with host families and having unique opportunities to share their faith. That's just one reason Walters finds these tours beneficial and enriching for Cornerstone students.

"The stories from Chorale tour members are a blessing because the students describe how the Lord met them on tour and what it meant to visit particular places," Walters said.

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To hear excerpts from this year's repertoire, join us for the annual CU community Christmas concert on Dec. 2. Featuring varied musical styles and narration from Isaiah 9:6, the evening will focus on four names of Christ: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace.

"This concert will celebrate the story of the incarnation, the birth of Jesus, with an eclectic musical flair," Walters said. "There's going to be something for everyone."

The concert is free of charge. Tickets are not needed.

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