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Los Angeles

American Studies Program, BestSemester

THE ASP SEMESTER is designed with your professional future in mind. Your experiences provide greater clarity and confidence to pursue what comes next after graduation. ASP is the Washington, D.C. semester program that:

  • Puts a priority on connecting biblical faith with public life and vocation
  • Places you in a diverse community of committed believers
  • Provides regular and direct engagement with expert scholars and practitioners leading in their respective fields
  • Complements your internship experience with the opportunity to be mentored by established Christian professionals in your field of interest
  • Ensures you finish with an original piece of global development or public policy research supported by D.C.-based field research
  • Invites you to join a vibrant alumni community of over 2700 professionals, which will continue to serve you long after your semester on the program.

Chicago Semester

The Chicago Semester is an off-campus program that offers qualified (2.5 or higher G.P.A. required) juniors and seniors the opportunity to gain a semester’s worth of credit, living and working in Chicago. 

Students spend four days a week at an internship related to their career interest and academic major and participate in classes one day per week at the Chicago Semester office in downtown Chicago. Internships are open to every academic major. Placements include but are not limited to finance, advertising, law, medicine, journalism, graphic design, law enforcement, film, television, fine art and political science. Social work and education majors can fulfill fieldwork and student teaching requirements on the program. Students earn 15 semester hours of credit.

Contemporary Music Center, BestSemester

Ever listen to a song on the radio and think you could do it better? Wish you had the inside scoop on how the music industry really works? Would you spend hours and hours of free time writing your own songs? What if you could record them in a world-class studio? Do you ever think about using your God-given musical talents and interests to make people think a little more? Answer these questions at the Contemporary Music Center (CMC).

This interdisciplinary off-campus study program provides a community for young musicians, engineers and aspiring music executives to plumb the depths of their creative souls and test the waters of a career in popular music. Designed as an artists' community, the program seeks to develop artists, technicians and music executives with a Christ-centered vision for music content, production and delivery. The mission of the CMC is to prepare students academically and creatively for potential careers in the music industry.

“The CMC is a dream come true. Never did I think that my college education would encompass such fun, interesting, and relative classes. I’m on my way to a psychology degree… with music education included!”
- Mark Preston, Gordon College

LA Film Studies Program, BestSemester

Once upon a time...
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...
In the beginning...

These words have drawn us into some of the most powerful stories the world has known; stories that have shaped our lives and how we see the world. Stories have long been one of the most powerful forces in the human experience. Those who can communicate a story in a visual way have the attention of the culture and those around the water cooler.

At the LA Film Studies Center, we carefully fuse cutting-edge technology with the timeless principles of story to train those who desire to join the community that creates the motion pictures of Hollywood. If faith, technology and the storytelling of films and television have been areas you find yourself drawn to, we are here to help you explore their intersection. Whether you simply have an interest in these matters or know in your heart you are called to this industry, the LAFSC will help guide you in finding the next step in your journey.

Located in one of the primary film and television production centers in L.A. and utilizing state of the art camera and editing equipment, LAFSC is designed to integrate a Christian worldview with an introductory exploration of the work and workings of mainstream Hollywood entertainment.

Washington Journalism Center, BestSemester

The Washington Journalism Center is an advanced, experiential semester on Capitol Hill that will cultivate professional news skills and encourage students to think through the implications of being a Christian working in news media in a city that is home to the powerful and the powerless.

"The first thing I had to do was walk into my congressman's office and try to schedule an interview with his press secretary. I was terrified....By the last week in D.C., I was eating lunch with my congressman, in the congressional cafeteria, and discussing the politics of our region with him. I couldn't believe how far I had come."
-- Hannah Horton, Asbury College, Summer 2005