Welcome Letter from the President

Joe Stowell

Dear Cornerstone parent,

It is a great joy for me to personally join the many others in our community that will welcome your student to our campus! Life is full of transitions, and you have guided your child through many of the important ones… walking, losing that first front tooth, going to kindergarten, entering high school, becoming a teenager and getting a driver’s license. And now college… which may be the most challenging of all.

The four years of college are some of the most formative years of life, so thanks for trusting us to partner with you in this important life passage! We are deeply aware that you have invested your life, time, energy, prayer (and, at times, tears!) into bringing your child to this point, so we take it seriously that you have placed your confidence in us to continue your child’s trajectory toward becoming a mature adult.

I trust that this will be a safe and secure learning environment for your child to grow into a wise and worshipping follower of Christ, and to be equipped to influence the cultures of our world for Christ and His Kingdom.


Joe Stowell