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Mission Statement

The Professional & Graduate Studies Division of Cornerstone University exists to empower the adult learner to influence the world by providing a distinctive and academically excellent education from a Christian worldview.

Frequently asked questions

Will the class schedule be convenient for me?

Classes meet on the same night of the week for the entire program at one of our four campus locations.

How much non-class time is required for studying?

Students should be prepared to spend 13-15 hours each week outside the classroom. This study time includes meetings and activities with an assigned learning team.

Are professional learning teams (PLTs) mandatory?

Yes, professional learning teams (PLTs) are an integral part of the Cornerstone University educational model. In addition to sharing professional expertise, team members provide support for one another throughout the program. By sharing the talents, experience and learning resources of a PLT, students develop a system of trust and support, making the learning process more effective.

How many students will be in my class?

Most classes are between 14-22 students.

When can I begin taking classes?

You can begin almost immediately! When we have at least 14 qualified students who have applied for a cohort, we will begin a group.

What if I have to miss a night of class?

Attendance in an accelerated degree program is a prerequisite for student success. However, there may be occasions in which an absence is unavoidable. For this reason, a student is allowed one absence per course.

How are my payments structured?

Tuition and all fees are due on or before the first night of class for each course.

Is financial aid available?

Yes, financial aid is available. As a full-time student, you may choose to apply for grants and loans. Once you submit your application for admission, your enrollment representative can provide you with financial aid forms.

How does my financial aid affect my payments?

If your financial aid forms are complete and have been processed, those funds will be applied to your payments as they are due. Students are required to pay for any tuition and fees not covered by financial aid.

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