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Financial Assistance

To receive financial assistance, you must complete:

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Scholarships for PGS students:

The following applications list the specific requirements for the scholarships. The applications must be received in the PGS Financial Aid office by 5:00 pm on the deadline date in order to be considered. (GR Foundation deadline April 1, 2013; Kalamazoo Foundation deadline March 31, 2013; Fremont Foundation deadline March 1st, 2013)

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Last Name: A - E

Carol Carpenter, Director of Student Financial Services

616.254.1650 ext. 1928

Last Name: F - O

Ken Myers, Jr., Financial Aid Specialist

616.254.1650 ext. 1124

Last Name: P - Z

Kim Desgranges, Financial Aid Specialist & VA Benefits Coordinator

616.254.1650 ext. 1930

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