Physical Education (K-12)

Physical Education

Confidence, competence, and direction.

The student who graduates with a major in Physical Education will be qualified to work in any K-12 school system in Michigan and some neighboring states. Each individual state requirement should be investigated, however, prior to applying for employment.

Students are prepared professionally and with exceptional skill and knowledge in Physical Education. Upon graduation from CU, students are capable and available to step into the Physical Education classroom with confidence and competence to lead and direct K-12 students in a lifestyle of fitness and leisure time activities.

With the rise of metabolic syndrome, diabetes and a variety of other lifestyle related diseases, Physical Education becomes a much more viable profession. First Lady Michelle Obama has taken great strides to bring the health of the nation to the forefront. The opportunity for Physical Educators in today’s society becomes much more important and well-educated and prepared teachers will be the next step in the hiring process of many school systems.

Why choose Physical Education K-12 at Cornerstone?

Cornerstone University is known for its outstanding academics in Physical Education/Teacher Education. 95% of our Physical Education graduates from 2010 and 2014 have been hired directly into their field of expertise. Others have gone on to seek graduate degrees in related fields.

Our students represent our program well and because of their training here at CU, they receive high marks in the area schools during their intern teaching experiences. We have qualified professors in this area who understand the needs of students in K-12 schools and the necessity of active lifestyles among those age groups.

Preparing our students with the cutting edge of information and statistics allows us to prepare them for the profession of teaching today’s children and teens.

How can I complete my degree program in four years?

Download sample degree programs for a major in Physical Education.

4 Year Physical Education Degree Plan

4 Year Physical Education Secondary Track Degree Plan

What are some of the classes that a Physical Education major would be taking?

After taking many of their core courses as outlined in the CU catalog, students will enter their courses specifically for the major they choose. Some of the classes Physical Educators will be taking include but are not limited to the following:
  • Anatomy and Physiology (I and II)
  • History and Principles of Kinesiology
  • Motor Development and Learning
  • Overview of K-12 Physical Education and Curriculum
  • Strategies for teaching Pre-K/Elementary Physical Education
  • Strategies for teaching Secondary Physical Education (7-12)
  • Capstone Experience prior to Intern Teaching

Who can I contact for more information on a major in Physical Education?


Marty Marra, M.A. | Assistant Professor of Kinesiology