Physical Education: K-12

Physical Education

What can I do with a major in Physical Education?

Students who major in Physical Education may teach any grade in that discipline. There are many opportunities outside of the classroom as well such as home school organizations who request a certified Physical Education teacher. Other areas may include: fitness centers, specific classes in community education, camp organization and general recreation departments. Although the major is specifically for educational systems, the student who majors in Physical Education has a variety of other areas to serve as well due to their expertise in the field.

Where are placements available for student teachers in the Physical Education program?

Students follow the professional education program required for secondary education and will have an elementary and secondary student teaching experience in the West Michigan area.

What are graduates of the Physical Education program doing now?

Many of our graduates are teaching in Michigan in the field of Physical Education. Some have chosen to go on for a post-graduate degree in the area of Sports Management and/or Athletic Administration.

With a major in Physical Education, what classes will I take?

History and Principles of Kinesiology | KIN-211

Study physical education, sport, and fitness in the context of their historical development and how they have been an integral part of culture, learning about the psychological, sociological, and philosophical factors related to these topics.

Motor Development and Learning | KIN-251

Learn how childhood growth and development patterns relate to motor learning and motor skill acquisition, having an opportunity to apply principles in a lab setting.

Who can I contact for more information on a major in Physical Education?