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B.A. in PhilosophySeeking Wisdom
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Philosophy Major or Minor

At Cornerstone University, we are in ceaseless pursuit of Godly wisdom. That’s why our philosophy major is critical to cultivating thinking minds in an age of instant information and instant gratification. Through the philosophy program, you’ll learn what it means to be human, what great philosophers of the past have pondered and how you can join the conversation with integrity and intellect.

Degree Type

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Minor


  • On Campus
  • Residential


  • Grand Rapids

Degree Plan


Philosophy students at Cornerstone have the opportunity to apply their critical thinking and problem solving to internships across West Michigan. You’ll find hundreds of internships at your disposal, from marketing firms to ministries to local churches.


The critical thinking skills you will gain through a philosophy degree will make you incredibly valuable in the workforce. Our graduates continue their learning at top graduate schools and pursue careers in teaching, research, analytics and more.


Of Humanities Division students from the class of 2019 were employed or enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation.


Student-to-faculty ratio with an average class size of 22.


Of students participate in internship or practicum experiences.

Program Features and
Learning Outcomes

The philosophy program at Cornerstone is designed to inspire your intellect, deepen your character and prepare you to lead in your career with influence and wisdom.

Off-Campus Study Opportunities

As a Humanities Division student, you will have the opportunity to study abroad in places such as Ireland, Ecuador, France, Italy, Kosovo, Oxford, South Africa and Spain.

Explore Off-Campus Study Programs

Humanities Division Annual Seminar

The Humanities Division provides students from all academic divisions with an annual seminar to discuss topics such as an era of poetry or influential thinkers. This seminar experience also includes an opportunity to study abroad in Oxford, England.

Program Learning Outcomes

The philosophy program reflects our commitment to developing students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes in five distinct yet interconnected areas.

Specialized Knowledge

Describe the basic historical development of Western philosophy.

  • Identify the major thinkers of the Western canon.
  • Describe the various philosophical traditions within Western philosophy.
  • Identify basic philosophical problems.
  • Describe the Christian philosophical tradition.

Applied Knowledge and Collaborative Learning

Critically evaluate a problem, question and/or philosophical thinker.

  • Articulate the context and characteristics of the problem, question and/or philosophical thinker.
  • Trace the development of the problem, question and/or philosophical thinker and its relationship to other philosophical problems, questions and/or thinkers.

Intellectual Skills

Demonstrate your ability to integrate both traditional and non-traditional cognitive skills, including analytical inquiry, information literacy, quantitative fluency and communicative fluency.

Civic and Global Learning

Demonstrate intercultural competence in addressing civic, social, environmental and economic issues.

Biblical Worldview Integration

Articulate a Christ-centered worldview and its personal, professional and communal embodiment through Christian virtues.

Undoubtedly, being part of Cornerstone’s philosophy program was one of the most enriching parts of my undergraduate experience. Through it, I gained countless insights on everything from ethics to politics, and it’s something I firmly believe everyone should experience.

Anna Stoutenburg (’19)


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