Reading Minor


What can I do with a minor in Reading?

A minor in Reading prepares you for teaching in an elementary classroom. Students who complete the Reading minor and pass the state certification test are eligible to teach reading and developmental reading courses in elementary grades. Language Arts and Reading are vital components of the Elementary curriculum and lower elementary principals could look favorably on this minor during the hiring process.

Where are placements available for student teachers in the Reading Minor program?

Students taking Assessing and Correcting Reading Problems as well as Assessing Beginning Literacy tutor in West Michigan schools. Student teaching opportunities in the West Michigan area are set up through the Teacher Education office.

What are graduates with a Reading minor doing now?

Our graduates who are teaching report that they use the assessments they learned in class in their student teaching and early jobs.

With a minor in Reading, what classes will I take?

Assessing and Correcting Reading Problems | EDU-445

Focus on instruction and assessment in the regular classroom utilizing a contemporary view of the reading process, including such topics as reader motivation and attitudes, causes of reading failure, metacognition and reading, and instructional strategies for corrective and remedial instruction.

Assessing Beginning Literacy | EDU-441

Address developmentally appropriate instructional and assessment practices; characteristics of developmental stages of literacy learning; appropriate instructional and assessment strategies for each developmental stage; classroom management and organization; and purposes, administration, scoring, and methods of using assessment to inform instruction.

Who can I contact for more information on a minor in Reading?


Beth VanderKolk, M.A. | Assistant Professor