Age: 20
Year: Junior
Hometown: Guatemala
Major: Social Work
Residence Hall: Commuter
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More about Rossy:

Have you completed an internship?

No. I have not completed an internship yet. I am hoping to do my internship at Women at Risk this year.

What are your career aspirations?

My next goal is to go to Law School as soon as I graduate from Cornerstone University. God has helped me reshape my mind and my heart to become a voice for the voiceless. With an international law degree I would like to work with different international justice organizations and create connections to cultivate different developing programs in Guatemala.

Why did you choose CU?  

I graduated from a high quality, faith-based high school in Grand Rapids and I wanted to attend a college that would have the same environment. It didn’t take me too long to find CU and fall in love with Chapel. I remember visiting CU for the first time in March of 2012. I absolutely loved that the education was based on a solid faith foundation. Also I loved the size of the campus; it was just the right size for professors to get to know all of their students on a closer level.

Current and past involvements/leadership positions:  

Member of ACTS (2012-2013)
Multicultural Organization Marketing Officer (2012-2013)
Multicultural Organization President (2013-2014)
Member of the Social Work Organization (2013-2014)
Social Work student organization (2014-2015)
Diversity Committee (2014-2015)
Multicultural Organization (2014-2015)

 Share a fun fact about you:  

I speak Spanish, English, Q'eqchi' (A native language from Guatemala) and some French.

How do you like to spend your free time?  

I like to spend my free time engaging with friends, arranging get togethers, running, and reading Spanish and Christian novels.

How would you describe community life at CU?  

Community at CU is truly important. College here is more than just an academic experience. CU provides practical settings for students to actively engage their faith within the local and global community from service projects to mission trips, internships and other opportunities that encourage students to improve their creativity and compassion for serving the Lord.

What did God teach you last semester?  

God taught me different things as a student leader from the Multicultural Organization at CU. I learned that in order to be an effective leader, one must be able to influence others to accomplish goals, to contribute to the organization and unity of a group. This is only possible by building stronger and meaningful relationships with everyone in the group. That’s how I came to appreciate the bigger purpose of being a leader.

What’s your favorite thing about CU?

CHAPEL. Chapel is my favorite part of CU because it provides wonderful unique times of worship and prayer as well as insightful internal and external speakers.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?  

The Corum. This is a place where students can meet and hang out with friends, have coffee, study, work on homework or even get to present different kinds of events, student panels and small conferences.

Who is your favorite professor?

Prof. Sanders and Prof. Beach are my two favorite professors because they are both caring, kind and genuine, but what really makes them unique is that they truly care for the students in and outside the class.

What was your favorite thing about Terra Firma?

 I liked being plugged in to a group to help serve the surrounding community. 

How has financial aid helped make CU a possibility for you? 

CU is one of the few schools in the area that provides great financial aid. CU has not only blessed me with great financial aid but also with a great job on campus and with different leadership roles. I know for a fact that CU makes every single effort to provide enough financial aid to all students according to their needs.

If you could tell a new student one piece of advice, what would it be?

ASK for help when you need it. CU’s resources are there to help students through advisors, counselors, tutors, mentors, RA’s and RD’s.