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Age: 20
Year: Senior
Hometown: Mahtomedi, MN
Major: Social Work, minoring in Spanish
Residence Hall: Pickitt Hall
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More about Shannon:

What are your career aspirations?

My dream is to make a difference for the Kingdom either through working with refugees or serving the Lord through mission work overseas

Why did you choose CU?

I chose to come to CU after coming for a visit. The schools back home either didn't have a social work program or didn't have the kind of community I was looking for. On my visit, I was overwhelmed by the love of Christ that I felt from the students and their desire to serve Him! I knew that I wanted to be a part of community that truly loved Christ and desired to see His will done.

Favorite professor:

This is a hard question to answer! I love my social work professors, Dr. Sanders and Professor Carew, as well as my sociology professor, Dr. King. I've enjoyed having classes with many other professors as well!

Involvements/leadership positions:

I'm involved in leadership for the student group called ACT:S (focusing on social justice and faith), chapel worship ensemble, was previously an RA (Resident Assistant), I work in the Admissions Office, and will be doing some tutoring.

Share a fun fact about you:

One place that I'm very interested and passionate about is Nepal! My first big, international mission trip I spent a full month in Kathmandu and Pokhara, Nepal serving the people there through street ministry and spending time with children in schools and orphanages.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I love to be outdoors! Whether that means just walking around a park, going for a quick hike, canoeing, or even sitting outside with a good book; depends on the season. I also love music and singing with my brother. And of course, spending time with my family and good friends!

How would you describe community life at CU?

CU's community life is really focused on Christ, which is so encouraging! It's very easy to pick up a conversation about our faith or what we've been learning about the Lord. It also is pretty active! Most often you can hear someone performing music, playing a pickup game of ultimate Frisbee on the lawn, or a rousing card game in the Corum.

What did God teach you last semester?

Last semester God taught me a lot about giving up control. Too often I find myself planning out my path for the future without allowing God room to move in my life. Over and over again, He took away my plans and hopes for the next year to replace them with His own plans. It was a trying time, but so rewarding! I can look forward to this next year knowing that God has me in these places and positions for a reason - I just have to actively wait and see what those reasons will be!

What’s your favorite thing about CU?

My favorite thing about CU is how much it encourages its students to pursue the Lord and a personal, life-changing relationship with Him. This is encouraged by all the staff, from Dr. Stowell, to the RD's and RA's, to the professors, and all other supporting staff. It's also encouraged by the students themselves! Having a community that desires this for everyone is incredible for continued spiritual growth.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

I really enjoy the path around the pond - maybe just because I like to be outside and it's so close to my dorm! I also really like the large, windowed room above the Corum in the Loft.

Why did you choose your major?

The reason I chose to study social work actually stems from the missions trips that I have gone on. The first trip to Nepal was the most life-changing for me. I saw people living in dire poverty with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and a tarp over their heads. Some were grateful for the inconsistent electricity that they received because that meant a smaller electrical bill at the end of the month. My heart broke for those people, and God began to grow a compassionate heart in me, especially for the poor and the needy. My trip to Haiti 2 years later brought me to an orphanage devastated by the earthquake with hundreds of children living and sleeping with nothing more than a blue tarp for a roof. God continued to create a soft heart, one that broke for the things that break His heart, in me and I decided that I wanted to do something with my life to serve people, His people. And that led me to choose social work as my major!

How did you adjust living away from home?

Adjusting to living away from home was challenging, but not as much as I expected. My trips over the years to camps and on missions trips prepared me a bit for living away from my family. The hardest part was never being able to see my family on weekends when most other students would make a trip home or would enjoy a Sunday meal with their family. I still do miss my family from time to time when I am at school, but I've also now formed, or gotten to know another "family", the family that I have with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ at Cornerstone! I typically am only able to visit home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break due to the long drive home - a total of 10 hours!