Division of Social Science

Social Work Student & Professor 

Equipping students with knowledge, skills, and a biblical worldview.

Faculty members in the Social Science Division integrate faith and learning into the framework of each course. As a student, your degree program will stretch you to integrate research-driven studies of human behavior with a biblical perspective of human nature.

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Authentic Experience

In your Social Science Division coursework, you will continuously connect your learning to real-world situations through guest lecturers, class projects, experiential learning, volunteer activities, learning labs, and internship or field placements.

Your classroom may extend beyond Grand Rapids to include the Focus on the Family Institute as a Family Studies major or a global field placement through the Social Work program. Regardless of your degree choice, you will have opportunities to study abroad, building relationships with peers and practitioners in your chosen field.

Trained with the Christian academic experience needed to be a competent professional, you will graduate equipped to effectively influence the world for Christ, joining members of the extended Cornerstone community in helping individuals, families, and communities experience healing through positions in counseling, foster care, refugee services and missions.

Degree Programs Available

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Community Health
Psychology: Child & Adolescent Services
Psychology: Counseling
Psychology: Marriage & Family Studies
Psychology: General Psychology
Social Work | Bachelor of Social Work

Relational Learning with Mentoring, Modeling Scholars


Dan Ehnis, Ph.D. | Professor of Psychology