Sociology Minor


Are you preparing for a career in the helping professions—Social Work, Psychology, or Family Studies? Sociology is an excellent complement to these majors because the minor will help you develop an understanding of many of the issues dealt with in these professions such as family dysfunctions, poverty, gender and social inequality.

Will your career require you to work with different races, social classes, or cultures? Many of the courses in the minor address cultural diversity and will help you better understand and appreciate differences.

Do you want to understand social relationships better? Sociology is the study of social relationships, how social institutions (such as the family and education) and social processes (e.g., competition, cooperation, socialization) influence those relationships.

Are you interested in understanding yourself better? Sociology focus on how your social experiences shape your behavior and personality.

Requirements of the Minor (18 semester hours)

SOC 111 - Introduction to Sociology
SOC 243 - Social Problems
SOC 353 - Social Psychology
SOC 432 - The Family

*Electives in Sociology (6 credits)

Social Science