South America


Chile, Veritas

Chile has one of the largest Protestant Christian populations of any other South American country. Students can focus their education on the arenas of Missions, Cultural Studies, Communications, Latin American Studies, and Spanish Language.

In the last 100 years the number of believers has grown in Latin America changing it from a mission field to a mission force. An increasing number of Chileans are now traveling as missionaries to areas that were previously unreached. Chileans and other Latin American Christians recognize their unique cultural sustainability to go into “creative access” nations with the gospel message.

Valparaiso is the city of 42 hills. Each of these hills upon which the city is built is a community in itself. Valparaiso and Vina del Mar offer unique opportunities to serve a community and demonstrate God’s love. The beauty of Chile and her people coupled with the opportunities to serve together with local believers makes this a great place to live your mission.

Latin America Studies Program, BestSemester

Engage in the complexity of Latin America at the Latin American Studies Program.

Homestays, field studies, and lively classroom exchanges will expose you to the many realities of Latin America. Enrich your university experience by developing relationships with Latin Americans from diverse walks of life: politicians, religious leaders, community development workers, laborers, youth, elderly, wealthy and impoverished. Engage these new friends in discussions about the role of the United States in Latin America, responses to poverty, the environmental crisis, economics, human rights, and more...

LASP gives you the opportunity to leave your familiar North American campus to experience firsthand the diversity of Latin America. Become equipped to critically examine and respond to global challenges. Consider joining LASP to experience Latin America for yourself!

Quito, Ecuador Semester

The Quito Semester exists to provide an academically excellent semester where students will engage in the challenges of a developing nation and learn to respond with an appropriate Christian Worldview.

Ecuador is one of Latin America’s most diverse countries. While in Ecuador you can experience the high mountains, low desert, tropical rain forest, coastal beauty, the Galapagos Islands and the deep Amazon Jungle.

This Semester abroad opportunity is based in Quito, the nation’s capital. Quito has amazing weather and is famous for its eternal springtime conditions. The city offers rich history, architecture, friendly people, and safe living conditions in which to grow and learn. Living and Learning in Quito is part of a 15-year-old organization called Youth World. We offer the amazing mixture of Adventure, Academic Excellence, Culture, Practical Experience, Language, Mission and Integrated Living as you participate in this Semester Abroad program.