Spanish for Elementary and Secondary Education

Spanish Education

With a major in Spanish Education, you will be prepared to do effective communicative Spanish language instruction, targeting issues of cultural awareness, sensitivity and worldview.

What can I do with a major in Spanish Education?

A major in Spanish Education allows you to teach Spanish at the elementary or secondary level.

Where are placements available for student teachers in the Spanish Education program?

Student teaching opportunities are set up through the Teacher Education office.

With a major in Spanish Education, what classes will I take?

As part of the Spanish major, students will spend a semester in Seville, Spain, further refining their Spanish.

Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language | SPA-465

Look at methods and techniques used to teach language components and language skills, developing and implementing balanced and effective language lesson plans that incorporate the use of technology.

Second Language Acquisition | LIN-371

Examine the process of learning a second language, surveying current SLA theory and exploring linguistic, cognitive, affective, cultural, and social factors.

Who can I contact for more information on a major in Spanish Education?