Andrew Panaggio

Readmission & Retention Specialist

Staff Positions:

Adult & Graduate Studies - Admissions

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Andrew Panaggio is the readmission and retention specialist for Cornerstone University's Professional & Graduate Studies division. In his role, he has a passion for helping students return to school and thrive in their degree program. He enjoys seeing students grow as they study and wrestle with important subjects and emerge with a degree and a new perspective on life.

"Studying at a faith-based university matters because the Christian faith encompasses all of life: work, play, relationships, study, etc. A faith-based education helps students connect the dots between the many aspects of life and faith. It brings clarity to how students can glorify God through everything that they do, Monday through Sunday."

Growing up, Andrew has lived in both Costa Rica and Peru. His multicultural experiences have enhanced his passion for embracing the diversity of people and meeting them where they are at.

Andrew loves spending time with family. He enjoys watching movies, going for walks and playing board or card games with his wife, and playing, building forts and cherishing time with his two children.


  • M.Div., Grand Rapids Theological Seminary
  • B.A. in Management and Communications, Hope College


—Playing sports
—Hanging out with friends and family
—Reading theology, fiction and biographies


—Studying the Bible (How New Testament writers rely on and cite the Old Testament)
—Church Ministry (Theology in the church context)