Kristin Rich, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Education and Director of Field Experience and Student Teaching

Faculty Positions:

Traditional Undergrad Academics - Teacher Education

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While playing in my mother's classroom at age five, I knew I was meant to be a teacher! I loved the classroom, the language of education, and the prospect of minds waiting to be challenged. Many years later, I had my own classroom where I taught junior high English for six years in a public school setting before moving into Christian education for five more years. With excitement and a small dose of sadness, I moved from K-12 education in California into my position at Cornerstone in order to share my passion for education with a future generation of teachers.

"It matters that our future teachers are prepared to be excellent teachers who love others well. It is not enough to teach content; our future teachers need to be able to articulate what they believe so that they can develop educational strategies that meet their students' needs both academically and spiritually."


  • M.A., Hollins University
  • B.S., Crown College