Business Finance

Ethical Business Leaders.

As a Finance Major, students will explore topics such as financial statement analysis, budgeting, tax issues, restructuring, reengineering, and current topics in financial management. Learning is focused on the methods that are used by successful managers to guide business operations in ways that are both financially and Biblically appropriate. Topics include short-term financing, management of short-term assets and liabilities, capital structure, capital budgeting, the cost of capital, investment decisions, mergers and acquisitions, and international finance.

What distinguishes Cornerstone's Finance program?

Torri Bouma '15 | Major: Finance

"The Finance major at Cornerstone University has thoroughly prepared me for my full-time position. The professors invested their time into teaching me the importance of transparency and oversight. My classes have sculpted me to be a competent leader with high ethical standards. Through the help of my professors, I was able to comprehend financial systems, management practices and record keeping."


What can I do with a major in Finance?

  • Credit Analyst
  • Investment Representative
  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Banker
  • Chief Financial Officer

How can I complete my degree program in three or four years?

Download sample degree plans for a major in Finance.

3 Year Finance Degree Plan

4 Year Finance Degree Plan

Where are internships and partnerships available for students in the Finance program?

  • Bank of Holland
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Investment Offices
  • Quicken Loans

With a major in Finance, what classes will I take?

Investments | FIN-371

This course will focus on the allocation of capital in the copal markets. Topics include the operation and regulation of investment markets, investment asset classes, portfolio management, analysis of risk and return and investment trading.

Corporate Finance | FIN-342

This course will focus on business application of the principles of finance. Business case studies will be used to relate financial theory to business practice. Current financial topics will be analyzed.

Who can I contact for more information on a major in Finance?