Sports Management

Sports Management

Beyond the field.

There are a number of positions in the sports business that don’t require sweating. Students will learn that it’s much more about a series of conversations first, and then how it applies to sports, and how it all fits into society. 

What can I do with a major in Sports Management?

  • Ticket Sales Account Executive
  • Athletic Director
  • Corporate Sales Coordinator
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Sports Operations Manager

How can I complete my degree program in three or four years?

Download sample degree plans for a major in Sports Management.

3 Year Sports Management Degree Plan

4 Year Sports Management Degree Plan

Where are internships and partnerships available for students in the Sports Marketing program?

Grand Rapids presents opportunities to intern with various sports teams and organizations to gain needed experience. The Grand Rapids Griffins and the West Michigan Whitecaps provide opportunities to receive experience at a local professional level.

Zach Bohl '16 | Majors: Sports Management and Business Marketing

"I was blessed to intern with the Grand Rapids Griffins hockey team during my time at Cornerstone. As an Inside Sales Representative Intern, I learned all about real-world business and other concepts that directly impacted my future career. Through interning under the best ticket sales team in the American Hockey League, the internship enabled me to effectively learn outside the classroom in an actual organizational setting. It was an extremely valuable experience and definitely enhanced my understanding of business."

With a major in Sports Management, what classes will I take?

Sports Marketing and Sales

Marketing mix and its connection to the strategic plan of the organization; identification and critique of the major marketing strategies in sport, preparing local economic analysis necessary to develop a sales program strategy, creating a program of incentives for sales personnel. Practical field experience would be included.

Sport in Society

Interaction between social institutions and sports. Inquiry into how various behavior, psychological and social variables interact in the culture of sport, trends and patterns of change in the culture of sport. Practical field experience would be included.

Who can I contact for more information on a major in Sports Management?