Talking Points

Talking Points engages critical issues relevant to theological thought and ministry practice through lectures, panel discussions and round table discussions.


What does working in business, photography, farming or retail have to do with faith in Christ and his mission in the world? Do the people in your congregation believe their everyday work matters as part of their faith…or do they see pastors and missionaries as the true servants of Christ? And how does this impact the way you seek to care for those in poverty?

Countless individuals, people of faith and otherwise, find themselves, day-in and day-out, toiling at jobs that are difficult and frustrating. Many others enjoy their work but fail to see how their faith in Christ relates to what they do everyday. “Discipleship to Jesus” can seem unrelated to how they spend most of their time.

To address this need, Talking Points is hosting a series of four monthly events.

From February to May 2015 and 2016, pastors and ministry leaders will explore how to help people develop a biblical view of work, discipleship, and caring for those in poverty.

Pastors, please consider bringing a key leader from your team to explore this topic together. Participants will receive complimentary books at each session to stimulate further study. Seating is limited, so register right away!  (Students not serving at a church who are interested should contact to check availability.)

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All sessions will be held from 9:00am to 1:30pm at the GRTS Chapel. Each meeting will include presentations by published authors and experienced leaders, discussion among peers, and panel Q/A with local leaders.

Session 1: “Worldly Saints” with Dr. Michael Wittmer

Monday, February 9, 2015 - Session One will look at how biblical faith and a Christian worldview make everything important…including your work.

Wittmer Dr. Michael Wittmer serves as Professor of Systematic Theology at GRTS and has published several books, including Becoming World Saints (January 2015), Heaven Is a Place on Earth, and Despite Doubt. Follow @MikeWittmer.


Session 2: “Kingdom Calling” with Dr. Amy Sherman

Monday, March 16, 2015 - Session Two will discuss at how normal followers of Christ can pursue their vocations with an eye toward the greater good…for themselves and others.


Dr. Amy Sherman is a Senior Fellow at the Sagamore Institute for Policy Research, where she directs the Center on Faith in Communities. Named by Christianity Today in 2012 as one of the fifty most influential Evangelical women in America, Sherman is the author of six books, including Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good

Session 3: “Economy” with Rudy Carrasco

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 - Session Three will discuss how everyday relationships, even at work, come together to make people and society flourish…and why our faith is critical to the whole thing.

Rudy Carrasco

Rudy Carrasco is a writer, minister, and advocate for Christian Community Development and serves as the U.S. Regional Facilitator for Partners Worldwide, a Grand Rapids-based organization that uses business and economics to address poverty globally. Follow @rudycarrasco.

Session 4: "Caring for Those in Poverty" with Pastor Artie Lindsay & Dr. Peter Greer

Monday, May 4, 2015 - Session Four will look at how everyday followers of Christ can address poverty locally and globally, and how the church can serve with wisdom and compassion.

Artie Lindsay

Artie Lindsay serves as Teaching Pastor at Tabernacle Community Church, a multiracial congregation in Grand Rapids, MI. He has a burden and passion for community revitalization and works to address the very real physical, emotional and spiritual needs of his community members. Follow @Artie_Sr.

Peter Greer

Dr. Peter Greer serves as President and CEO of Hope International, a global nonprofit organization focused on alleviating both physical and spiritual poverty through Christ-centered microfinance. Greer is the author of several books including Entrepreneurship For Human Flourishing, Mission Drift and The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good. Follow @peterkgreer


  • Free Resources | Each participant will receive complimentary books for further reading and a video-based curriculum created from the events for use in their churches (coming 2016).
  • Limited Seating | To encourage discussion, seating is limited to 20 participants. No more than 2 participants per church or ministry.
  • Attendance | Since seating is limited and each session builds on the ones prior, we strongly encourage participants to attend all four sessions. Audio recordings will be available if you have to miss a session.
  • Cost | A $50 registration fee covers all four sessions including lunch each day.

About the Everyday Works Project

The Everyday Works Project is an initiative of Grand Rapids Theological Seminary sponsored by the Kern Family Foundation as part of the Oikonomia Network. The Oikonomia Network’s mission is prepare current and future pastors to “connect biblical wisdom, sound theology, and good stewardship to work and the economy.”

The Everyday Works Project is a three-prong effort to equip pastors to help their congregations practically integrate faith, work, and economics in their daily lives. The three prongs include: 1) live Talking Points events at GRTS for pastors and ministry leaders, 2) a video-based curriculum developed from the live events for use in small groups, and 3) an opportunity for pastors to connect with the Made To Flourish Network, a community of pastors spearheaded by the Kern Family Foundation. 

For more information, contact Darrell Yoder, Director of the Kern Scholars Program, at