CJI Staff Information


Alan Blanchard

Executive Director of Cornerstone Journalism Institute
Director – Journalism Department
Associate Professor of Journalism


This veteran editor and journalism professor has three decades of experience working as a reporter, photographer, copy editor, managing editor, editor, publisher and newspaper owner. He also earned a living with words as a magazine freelance writer, public/media relations officer, marketing director. He has advised the college newspaper and taught journalism at Cornerstone University since 1997.

  • Former owner, editor, publisher of The Clare (Mich.) Sentinel in Clare, Mich.
  • Experienced reporting and/or editing for newspapers papers in California, New Mexico, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Michigan.
  • Former editor of The Daily News,Greenville,Mich., leading this paper to 3 consecutiveMichiganPress Assn. Newspaper of Year awards in ’96, ’97, ’98.
  • Former publisher/editor of The Sentinel-Standard,Ionia,Mich.
  • Former managing editor for Mackinac Center for Public Policy publications
  • Bachelor’s degree in communication/journalism from Eastern N.M. University
  • Completing a Ph.D. in Mass Media/Journalism atMichiganStateUniversity



Russ Pulliam

Associate Editor
Weekly Columnist
The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, Indiana


This dyed-in-the-wool newspaperman is associate editor/columnist for The Indianapolis Star, which was acquired by the Pulliam family in 1944. The Star was managed by his grandfather, the late Eugene C. Pulliam, and subsequently by his father, the late Eugene S. Pulliam. The Pulliam family’s newspaper holdings, which had included The Star, The Arizona Republic and other Indiana dailies, were acquired by the Gannett newspaper group in 2000. However, the third-generation Pulliam writes weekly opinion columns in The Star on topics ranging from politics to family life to social issues. Pulliam has:

  • Has given nuts and bolts journalism presentations annually at CJI since 2004.
  • Reported for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Springfield Union, The Indianapolis News, The Indianapolis Star and The Associated Press
  • Served and still serves as a board member for World Magazine
  • Authored the book, “Publisher: Gene Pulliam, Last of the Newspaper Titans.”
  • Earned numerous journalistic awards during his newspaper career
  • A Bachelor of Arts degree from Williams College
  • Six children, who have been home-schooled by his wife and himself for as long as they can remember