Film and Video Production

What can I do with this major?

As a Cornerstone University Film and Video Production major, you will be able to produce, write, and direct films; work as a freelance videographer; church media director; cinematographer or editor.

What are some interesting classes offered in this major?

  • Experimental Video Production challenges students to think outside the box in filmmaking.  Students spend the semester learning and practicing non-linear and experimental film techniques.
  • Multi-camera Video Production introduces students to the basics of making video in a TV studio.  Class members do everything from operating camera, to directing, to live switching TV shows.
  • Deconstructing Cinema is typically taught as a two-week January term class.  Students watch films from a variety of perspectives and, through discussion, work to understand cinematic technique and redemptive storytelling possibilities within the medium of film. 

What internships or partnerships are available with this program?

Students have interned at a wide variety of locations as diverse as local news stations, to feature film sets in Michigan and elsewhere, to working on corporate video productions in local Grand Rapids companies.  Through a partnership with the Los Angeles Film Studies Center, students can travel and spend a semester in Los Angeles, taking a few classes and doing an internship with Hollywood businesses.  A new semester in Kenya, Africa is also available to students wishing to study documentary filmmaking.

What are grads doing now?

  • Dan Martinez (’10) currently works for branding video company 15Four in Baltimore, Maryland. 
  • Katie Kregel (’10) is the director of media at a large church in Lansing, MI. 
  • Josiah Staggers (’09) is a freelance camera assistant and digital intermediate technician on film sets around Atlanta, GA.

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