Global Business Experience | PGS

Cornerstone University believes you can make a difference in the global community and has created the Global Business Experience to develop you into a knowledgeable and effective leader. Through short international journeys, students interact with kingdom companies and social enterprise, develop their cultural intelligence and experience societies being transformed. Contact your academic advisor for a list of trips that are currently being offered; for more information about each trip, visit and

Each student will:

  • DISCOVER the ways our world is changing through the integration of economics, education, social, and spiritual transformation
  • EXPLORE your kingdom fit and mission in our changing world
  • INTERACT with international leaders who are creating change in their world
  • DEVELOP cultural intelligence as you are exposed to the global community
  • CREATE a personal plan to transform yourself, family, work and community

Program Credit

Each trip is built to accredited academic standards and offers students full undergraduate or graduate credit.

Included Fees/Expenses

Group transportation, accommodations (double occupancy) and cultural excursions

Excluded Fees/Expenses

Travel immunizations, documents, tips, most meals and personal travel insurance

Personal and Societal Transformation Plan

After completing their experience, all students must submit a Personal and Societal Transformation Plan.