Language, interpretation, and clarity of expression.

Pairing your interests in eloquent, meaningful words and written texts, a major in literature will allow you to develop your ability to read and write as an effective, ethically responsible communicator. Through roundtable discussions in your courses, you will design, express, interpret, and evaluate literature in light of a Christian worldview, understanding moral choices and related implications.

Graduating equipped with knowledge of critical theory, you will extend your abilities as a reader and writer, sharpening your skills to interpret and respond to both familiar and new texts.

What distinguishes Cornerstone's Literature program?

Andrew Manion '11 | Major: Literature

"You get to know your professors very well over the course of the few years you spend at CU - and you respect not only the love they have for the craft, but the passion they have for their students as well. One semester, I took a course with only seven other students in it. We met twice a week in the professor's actual office. There was nowhere to hide when reading discussions took place, and you forgot to be afraid of sharing ideas."

What can I do with a major in Literature?

A major in literature offers you flexibility. From being prepared for graduate courses in an extensive list of fields to bringing your attentiveness to communication to an equally lengthy list of possible job roles, your coursework will solidify your strengths.

Select Skills | Humanities

  • Aesthetic Understanding
  • Argumentation
  • Creativity and Ideation
  • Critical Reading
  • Research

Possible Vocations | Humanities

  • Archivist
  • Editor
  • Educator
  • Narrator
  • Paralegal

How can I complete my degree program in four years?

Download a sample degree plan for a major in Literature.

4 Year English Degree Plan

Where are internships and partnerships available for students in the Literature program?

Grand Rapids offers countless opportunities for you to gain experience in drafting copy for publication and refining your editing skills. You may consider serving as an intern with...

What are graduates of the Literature program doing now?

  • Amy Nemecak works as a freelance editor for Baker Publishing Group.
  • Matt Harrison teaches philosophy and literature.
  • Jack Baker is a Ph.D. student in literature and philosophy at Purdue University.

Does the Literature program offer off-site and international study opportunities?

Catherine Taylor '15 | Ireland and Study Abroad Lithuania at LCC International University

"I have seen the homes, graves, and places of inspiration for many famous writers and pieces of literature, but nothing has shaped me more than the relationships I have built through studying abroad and the people and moments I carry with me. Not only have I been stretched intellectually by studying abroad, but while learning about other cultures, I inevitably learned about my own and the importance of gratitude and friendship."

With a major in Literature, what classes will I take?

Contemporary Literature | ENG-326

Survey recent or current works from Anglo-American authors who are in discourse with contemporary themes relating to post-modernism, giving attention to the various strands of literary theory that have helped to shape the contemporary context.

World and Literature | ENG-224

Investigate the nature of literature as it both conveys and shapes our perceptions of the world.

What publications have Cornerstone faculty members contributed to the field of Literature?

  • 2008 | Wendell Berry and the Cultivation of Life: A Reader's Guide by Matt Bonzo, Ph.D. & Michael Stevens, Ph.D.

Who can I contact for more information on a major in Literature?