A Letter from the Provost

As the parent of college students, I can attest to the high value that parents place on academic excellence in the university that their children attend. We want our children to be challenged in the classroom by professors who will both push them to excel and awaken their sense of wonder in learning about God’s creation. That’s why one of the things that pleases me most about Cornerstone University is our competent, caring Christian professors who see each student as a uniquely gifted and valuable child of God.

Learning can be hard work, so you can expect your son or daughter to be challenged to devote serious effort to their studies. As a fellow parent, here are a couple of pieces of advice that I would suggest. First, resist the temptation to try to fix every problem that your child will encounter, whether inside or outside the classroom. Learning often occurs best through the difficult process of taking ownership of challenges and learning to meet them as a responsible adult.

Second, encourage your son or daughter to get to know at least one professor during the first semester and visit him or her in their office. Cornerstone professors not only are experts in their field, but they seek to impact their students’ lives intellectually and spiritually. A faculty mentor can be a valuable component of your child’s college experience, and it’s one of Cornerstone’s greatest qualities.

I hope your son or daughter has a wonderful experience at Cornerstone University, and please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns about your child’s education at CU.


Dr. Rick Ostrander
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
Cornerstone University Provost and author of Why College Matters to God