Degree: minor

What can I do with this minor?

The Reading Minor prepares a student for teaching in an elementary classroom. Students who complete the Reading minor and pass the state certification test are eligible to teach reading and developmental reading courses in elementary grades. Language Arts and Reading are vital components of the Elementary curriculum and lower elementary principals could look favorably on this minor during the hiring process.

What are some interesting classes offered in this minor?

Assessing and Correcting Reading Problems offers the student an opportunity to work one on one with a child to serve as an “investigator” to discover what issues are involved in a child’s struggles with reading and then seeking to help the child overcome them.

Another valuable class is Assessing Beginning Literacy because the students become certified by the State of Michigan with the Michigan Literacy Progress Profile which provides a variety of assessments to use in the classroom.

What internships or partnerships are available with this program?

Students taking Assessing and Correcting Reading Problems as well as Assessing Beginning Literacy tutor in West Michigan schools. Student teaching opportunities in the West Michigan area are set up through the Teacher Education office.

What are grads doing now?

Our graduates who are teaching report that they use the assessments they learned in class in their student teaching and early jobs.