Division of Social Sciences


The Social Science faculty members are intentional about integrating faith and learning into the Family Studies, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology courses. We provide students with a Christian academic experience that equips them with the knowledge, skills and biblical worldview needed to be competent professionals and successful graduate students who can effectively influence their world for Christ.

Students will have many opportunities to connect their learning to real-world situations through guest lecturers, class projects, volunteer activities and internship or field placements. The “classroom” sometimes extends beyond Grand Rapids: Family Studies majors can apply to study at Focus on the Family Institute; Social Work majors can apply for global field placements; and all social science majors have the opportunity to study abroad.

Our graduates are helping individuals, families, and communities experience healing through positions in counseling, protective services, family services, foster care, refugee services, criminal justice, youth ministries, missions, research, hospice, and education.

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Majors Offered:

Family Studies
Social Work


Minors Offered:

Family Studies
Social Work


Brenda King, Ph.D.
Division Chair, Professor of Sociology

Sergio da Silva, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Nola Carew, L.M.S.W., A.B.D.
Director of Field Education & Assistant Professor of Social Work

Dan Ehnis, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology and Family Studies

Martin Hughes, Ph.D.
Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor of Sociology

Nicole McDonald, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology

Scott Sanders, Ph.D.
Professor of Social Work and Director of Social Work Program

Social Science